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上海交通大学燃烧与环境中心->Institute of Internal Combustion Engine/Center for Combustion and Environmental Technology
Institute of Internal Combustion Engine/Center for Combustion and Environmental Technology

The Institute of Internal Combustion Engine of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was founded in 1954. It belongs to the state key subject “Power Machinery and Engineering”, which has a key lab of the Education Minister and is one of the key academic agencies, which were first accredited by the ministry of education to enroll graduate students and post-doctor fellows. Currently, it boasts a highly qualified faculty, including 5 professors, 14 associate professors, and 4 lecturers.

The institute contributes to the foundation researches on internal combustion engine and correlative aspect, and is tackling more than 40 important research projects including ‘973’project, ‘863’project, national outstanding youth foundation, national nature science fund, ministerial level advanced research foundation and great project from Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology, et al. The studies of fuel design and HCCI combustion, the first DME bus and LPG car of china, MIXPC system of heavy-duty diesel, GD-1 high-pressure common rail fuel electrically injection system are some great achievements of the institute. In the past three years, the institute has obtained about 10 significant awards and more than 30 national invent patents for its excellent works.

In the building of “211” and “985” projects, the laboratory has been improved significantly. Currently, the laboratory has more than ten engine test benches, and is also equipped with some advanced test/analysis instruments, such as AVL particles and exhaust emissions analyzer, transient NOx emission analyzer, SMPS ultrafine particular tester, fuel injection rate tester, combustion analyzer, CCD, laser doppler phase tester, particle image velocity tester, holographic tester, B&K noise and vibration analyzer. The laboratory also has GT-Suite, Star-CD, Fire and KIVA engine simulation software.

The CCET's primary research activities are as follows:
1. Engine Combustion and Emission Control
Including fuel injection, atomization and spray, engine heat transfer, combustion, intake flows and turbulence, pollutant formation and emission, HCCI combustion.
2. Alternative Fuel and Clean Engine
Combustion and emissions of LPG, Natural gas, Dimethyl ether, Bio-diesohol engine, Fuel design and evaluation of effect of high oxygenated fuel on diesel combustion, HCCI combustion for alternative fuel engine application.
3. Laser-based Technique for Flow and Combustion Visualization and Diagnostics
Apply diagnostic and imaging methods, including phase Doppler particle analysis, laser Doppler velocimetry, particle image velocimetry, laser holography and high speed camera to spray and combustion, emissions and pollutant dispersion and transportation.
4. Engine Aftertreatment
Computational fluid models for flow phenomena within Catalytic Converters catalyst, Simultaneous catalytic removal of particulate matter and NOx
5. Air Pollution Control in Urban City
Vehicle pollutants dispersion and transformation in urban street canyons, Impact of vehicle emissions on air quality, Environmental modelling.
6. Environmental Catalysis and Materials
Process and design of novel catalysis, Structure design of environmental conscious materials.
7. Photocatalysis and Its Application in Environment and Energy Resource
Process and design of nanometer composite photocatalytic materials. Application of photocatalytic technology in the air purifying and sewage treatment. Hydrogen evolution from water cleavage on nanostructured photocatalysts using solar energy
8. Solar Cooling and Heating
Solar cooling tube, combined cooling and heating system using a novel solar cooling tube, Building-integrated solar cooling and heating.

For more information about the Center, please contact:

Dr. & Professor Huang Zhen Director, Center for Combustion and Environmental Technology
School of Mechanical Engineering Shanghai Jiao Tong University
1954 Huashan Road, Shanghai 200030
Home page: Phone: 86 (21) 34206379
Fax: 86 (21)34205553


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