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Research Outputs

The research team on combustion and environment

The main research areas of the research team on combustion and environment include fuel injection and atomization, alternative fuel engine and electronic control,engine combustion and emission control. the team has published several hundreds papers.

list of published paper(partly)

1.Vertical variations of particle number concentration and size distribution in a street canyon in Shanghai, China, Science of the Total Environment, 2007,378:306-316
2.Particle size distribution from a GTL engine, Science of the Total Environment, 2007,382:295-303
3.Studies on the size distribution, number and mass emission factors of candle particles characterized by modes of burning, Journal of Aerosol Science , 2007, 37:1484-1496
4.Experimental and modeling studies on number and size spectrum evolutions of aerosol particles within a chamber, Chinese Science Bulletin, 071002
5.Impact of building configuration on Air Quality in street canyon, Atmospheric Environment, 2005, 39: 4519-4530.
6.The impact of solar radiation and street layout on pollutant dispersion in street canyon. Building and Environment. 2005, 40(2): 201-212.
7.The study of thermal effects on vehicle emission dispersion in an urban street canyon, Transportation Research Part D: Transportation and Environment, 2005,10: 197–212.
8.The impact of urban street layout on local atmospheric environment, Building and Environment, 2005, 10
9.Characteristics of air exchange in a street canyon with ground heating, Atmospheric Environment, 40(2006)6396-6409
10.Effects of dimethoxy methane blended with GTL on particulate matter emissions from a compression-ignition engine. Energy & Fuels. 2008, 22(4): 2307-2313.
11.Effects of combustion mode on exhaust particle size distribution produced by an engine fueled by dimethyl ether (DME) .Energy & Fuels. 2008, 22 (6):3838-3843

The research team on engine performance and design

  The research team on engine performance and design has obtained second prize of national natural science award, 10 ministry awards and more than 6 patents, published several hundreds papers, and firstly developed FVM-TVD engine simulation software in china. This team also finished several foundation research projects ( 973, NSF) and lots of company entrusted projects.

   Achievements on turbocharging includes: an new MIXPC turbocharging system was widely used by marine diesel engine; advance turbocharging system design for Marine and Land army.