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2019 Fall Semester international Students Orientation

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On Monday 9th Sep. 2019, a successful orientation was held for the new international students of Mechanical Engineering (ME) school at ME building F. The orientation was kick-off at exactly 9.00am by Zach Strout, a third-year master’s student in ME and a member of Mechanical Engineering International Student Union (MEISU), as the anchor. 

Present at the event where five ME school staffs, four MEISU core members and with 46 new students from different countries. The new students comprise of master’s degree and PhD students newly admitted into ME school, some dual master’s degree students from France and Japan, and some exchange students. A total 44 master’s degree students were admitted into ME school, with 24 students present for the orientation and while 22 PhD students where admitted, with 7 of them present on the day.

An academic session was given by Ms. Niko and Ms. Nini both from the post graduate affairs office. Ms. Niko gave an introduction of ME school to the students and also an overview of master’s program in the school. She highlighted some of the courses the students need to undertake and the requirements for obtaining a master’s degree in ME school. While Ms. Nini gave a presentation on Ph.D. program in ME school, covering the requirements necessary for one to meet before being awarded a doctoral degree in ME school. She also introduced the graduate information management system to aid the new student in preparing their training plan.

Ms. Danyell from the student’s affair office introduces the different international student offices which the new students needs to familiarize them self with, which they will visit one time or another, during the course of their studies in the school. She also talked about scholarship signing regulation and some other legal education which the new students need to be aware of for their success stay in SJTU.

At 9:30am, after the third speaker presentation, a 30 minutes break was given to allow the students some time to refresh up and to interact with each other. At exactly 10:00am, the second part of the orientation was ushered in by Zach, and with the exchange students now present for the orientation. Ariful Islam a second-year master’s degree student and a member MEISU, gave a presentation on campus life to the new students, to help them adopt to their new school environment easily. He also introduced some of the beautiful places in campus for their refreshment and also gave them some campus survivor tips.


The president of MEISU, Khandaker Norman a PhD student of ME gave a speech during the orientation, to welcome the new students into the school and he equally used the opportunity to introduce MEISU to them. He also elaborated on the activities of MEISU in ME school and encourage the new students to join and participate fully in all the activities being carried out by the union.

The orientation came to end at about 10:30am after the free communication session and a group photography with the new students, ME staff and MEISU members was taken outside the school building.